Superior performance
for every ride

MSC Tires, born in 2017 under the legacy of MSC Bikes, combines over 18 years of experience in designing high-end tires and a pedigree in World Cup-level competition. With a highly qualified team, MSC Tires is dedicated to developing a complete range of tires with the latest technology, focusing on sustainability and social commitment to meet the demands of the current market.


Excellence in Every Ride

Our products are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every ride is smooth, reliable, and thrilling. We believe in delivering maximum performance, making your cycling experience truly exceptional.

At the forefront of tire design

At the heart of our brand is a passion for innovation. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to bring you the most advanced tires on the market. Our dedication to research and development ensures that you are always equipped with cutting-edge products that enhance your performance.

Committed to a greener future

We are deeply committed to sustainability and environmental care. Our production processes prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and renewable energy sources. We're not just about making tires; we're about making a difference for the planet. Dare to join the movement with the hashtag #apuratusneumaticos.

Superior Performance for Every Ride

Discover MSC Tires' high-performance tires for MTB, Gravel, and Road biking. Experience unmatched durability, grip, and speed for all terrains and conditions. Ride with confidence, ride with MSC Tires.



“MSC Tires have completely transformed my mountain biking experience! The MSC Dragster is unbelievably fast on dry and compact terrains.”


“As an experienced cyclist, I've tried numerous tire brands, but MSC Tires stand out for their superior design and performance. The advanced compounds and reinforced sidewalls, particularly in models like the MSC Roller and MSC Rock&Roller, offer exceptional durability and traction.”


“I recently switched to MSC Tires and couldn't be happier! The MSC Singletrack is perfect for my all-season rides, offering great versatility and stability. Plus, the easy installation and reduced need for high air pressure make them super convenient. If you're looking for quality and reliability, give MSC Tires a try!”


“In my professional racing career, tire performance is crucial, and MSC Tires deliver on all fronts. The MSC Road Performance Plus offers unparalleled puncture protection and speed, making it my go-to for training and competitions.”


We ride what we design

Our motto encapsulates the philosophy of MSC Tires and reflects its commitment to quality and innovation in product design.